Babak Ehteshami Bejnordi

I am a research scientist at Qualcomm AI Research (Staff Engineer and Manager) working on Deep Learning in Computer Vision, Conditional Computation, Multi-Task Learning, Efficient Video Processing, and Continual Learning. I am leading a team on Conditional Computation for efficient deep learning.

I have been the organizer of the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Program in Europe since 2019.

I obtained my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Nico Karssemeijer and Prof. Jeroen van der laak at the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group, Radboud University, the Netherlands, where I worked on the development of machine learning algorithms for detection and characterization of breast cancer in histopathology images. During my PhD, I also organized the CAMELYON16 challenge on breast cancer metastases detection.

From Jun to Nov 2016, I was a visiting researcher at Harvard University.

Latest news

06 Apr 2023: I will be teaching at DeepLearn 2023 - 9th International School on Deep Learning in Bari, Italy
03 Jul 2022: Efficient video object detection paper accepted at ECCV22
13 Jul 2021: Keynote talk at the ELLIS PhD and Postdoc Summit (kick-off program).
10 Jul 2021: We open-sourced the code for FrameExit and SkipConvolutions.
06 Mar 2021: Two papers accepted at CVPR2021 FrameExit (Oral paper) and Skip-Convolutions.
22 Jun 2020: Check out my podcast interview with TWIML AI on Conditional Computation.
24 FEB 2020: Check out our CVPR 2020 Oral paper on channel gated networks for continual learning.
20 Dec 2019: My paper "Batch-shaping for learning conditional channel gated nets" is accepted at ICLR 2020.
02 Dec 2018: My work on real-time human pose estimation on mobile devices was demoed at NeurIPS.
22 Jun 2018: My interview with the Cancer Today Magazine is published.
16 Jun 2018: My latest work in collaboration with Harvard, NIH, and Mayo Clinic is published.
20 Dec 2017: I defended my PhD in public: video recording
12 Dec 2017: Follow the Altmetric Attention Score and Tweets for my Article in JAMA
12 Dec 2017: My paper is published in JAMA
07 Dec 2016: CAMELYON16 won the 2016 MedicalPhit Innovation Award
16 Nov 2016: I gave a talk on deep learning at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
10 Oct 2016: CAMELYON16 was mentioned in the White House AI strategic planning report
15 Oct 2015: I started organizing the CAMELYON16 challenge